Bowling Green Independent School’s Board of Education votes to start in-person classes Aug. 24

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 4:03 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 14, 2020 at 10:17 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The Bowling Green Independent School’s board of education voted unanimously to start in-person classes on August 24th.

“We think we have a plan that will allow us to get approximately 45-50 percent of kids in the building. We think we can do that in a very safe manor,” said Superintendent Gary Fields.

They also re-opened registration for the school’s virtual academy for 72 hours.

“At the same time we know that people are nervous and afraid. That is why we are re-opening our enrollment for our virtual academy,” Fields explained.

The district voted to extend the amount of time they have “purple days” and “gold days.” A different set of students will attend in-person class on their designated days, and on the opposite days will do N.T.I. This system was supposed to last two weeks, but will now go through October.

”We’re going to have kids in masks, make sure we social distance. We just have a number of kids in our community and parents in our community that want their kids to be in school.”

If a student does test positive for the virus, they are leaving it up to local health officials and the schools’ nurse practitioner to handle contact tracing and decide who will need to get tested or quarantine.

“It’s very important that when that happens we’re going to know where kids have been, staff has been. We will be very detailed with seating charts, but seating charts, etc.” Fields said.

If a student of staff member is exposed, they could be responsible for getting tested before returning to class.

“There will be some testing requirements in order to return to school. That could be ordered by local doctors. We also have a nurse practitioner from Graves Gilbert that works in the district that could order that test,” Fields explained.

Superintendent Gary Fields has a child of his own that will be going into the eighth grade. He is taking all concerns into consideration as a parent himself.

“I am invested in this just like every parent. Our family decision is to send him to school. He is excited about that. I feel very safe in sending him to school,” Fields said.

The possibility of a larger outbreak within in the school is always on table, something Fields is preparing for.

“At a point where it becomes unsustainable that it is not a safe environment, even with our protocols, then I will be the first one to admit and immediately go back to N.T.I. learning like we did in the spring,” Fields explained.

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