Parents face difficult decision for their child’s education for upcoming school year

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 5:15 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -The upcoming school year has forced many parents to make difficult decisions regarding how their child will receive their education.

Schools across South Central Kentucky provided the option for parents to choose virtual learning or in-person classes.

One mother who works full time in the health care field decided to have her child attend the virtual academy for the time being, but she has also hired a teacher to ensure that her child doesn’t fall behind.

“We basically hired a teacher who is not working this year and we are enrolling our kids virtually but we have a teacher that we are paying to help teach our kids and make sure that they don’t fall behind because virtual is just not an option for working parents. There’s no way. There is no time in the day to come home and make sure your kid’s education needs are being met and that you still have time for the family. It just does not work,” said Marcie Burchett, parent.

Another mother in Warren county agrees with Governor Beshears’s recommendation to push back the start date. Two of her children will be attending school virtually however her youngest will need to attend classes in person.

“Our youngest we decided mainly because we do not want her to get delayed because she already has a hard enough time with her hearing loss so for her we are kind of like we have no choice but to send her because we do not want her to fall behind. The older two however they wanted to go back to school but my heart is telling me no. Obviously they just want to go for their friends. They aren’t really looking at this as a safety concern and I am,” said Kayla Lane, parent.

A Butler County mother has been faced with the task of wanting one of her kids to possibly attend school virtually but does not have internet access at her home.

“We live out in Morgantown out on Russellville road. We have lived here for a few years now and we have tried getting AT&T and all kinds of internet providers and none of them have come out this way. You know my husband he just started a new job so like we would be able to afford it if we could actually get internet out here,” said Katrine Bratcher, parent.

Butler County will be starting the school year off virtually on August 26th.

According to the assistant superintendent they are setting up community hot spots around the county for those who cannot access the internet at home. Students will be able to check out chrome books.

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