Trump re-election campaign talks to 13 News on mail-in voting, debates, re-opening schools

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 4:29 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - President Trump’s re-election campaign spoke to 13 News on Friday regarding a number of topics including mail-in voting, debates, and re-opening schools.

President Trump has heavily criticized mail-in voting for the presidential election. He believes it will lead to widespread fraud.

Trump’s re-election campaign press secretary says they’re more so concerned about certain states apparently trying to get votes after the election.

“The states do conduct their own elections-- that’s what is so important, but what we’re dealing with here is in at least ten states. Democrats are suing to actually count votes after the election date. That is completely ridiculous because it doesn’t make for a completely fair election,” said Hogan Gidley, National Press Secretary for Trump’s re-election campaign. “There’s all types of potential for fraud and abuse if you can put votes in the counter after election day is over and done with.”

Additionally, Trump is pushing to move up the presidential debates. His team says it’s a disservice to not have the debates much before September 29.

“The first time the men will be on stage to the debate will be September 29, by then 16 states and 8 million people will have the opportunity to vote,” said Gidley. “It’s a real disservice to the American people frankly because we don’t see the regular campaign schedules where people are out there talking to the American people. They don’t get to see how President Trump would answer these questions versus how Joe Biden would answer these questions and we think it’s significant.”

Gidley added the Commission on Debates has basically said no about moving up the debate. We also reached out to Joe Biden’s campaign for a response, but have not heard back yet.

Meanwhile, several school districts in our area have decided to re-open for the school year. President Trump has been an advocate for this. He’s even threatened federal funding if schools didn’t re-open.

“The science also tells us that if we keep schools closed, it hurts children in a myriad of ways there’s a rampant increase of abuse in children, nutrition is down for children as well because so many get their meals from schools,” said Gidley. “To say nothing of the education factor- we’re lagging behind so many other countries and now we’re shutting down and keeping them out of school- there’s no way that they can make up what they lost in a short amount of time.”

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