Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero: Dallas Butts

Published: Sep. 4, 2020 at 5:39 PM CDT
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This week’s Hometown Hero brought to you by Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers.


”He meets no strangers and when he announced his retirement the first thing I thought was he is a Hometown Hero,” said Byron Hunt, co-worker.

Mr. Dallas, a name that is well known throughout Rich Pond Elementary School. Especially for his positive attitude that brought a smile to everyone’s faces.

“You try to be the nicest you can, which I always was described to be polite and just doing the right thing basically. It is a joy to just see the smiles on the kid’s faces, the teachers, and the staff. That is what I enjoy,” said Dallas Butts, hero.

From his singing in the early mornings to leaving behind an everlasting impression on his students and co-workers.

Salem got a chance to help out Mr. Dallas while attending Rich Pond. One of his favorite memories with Dallas included them racing the trash cans to the dumpster. He would also help Dallas clean the tables during lunchtime.

“Usually during lunch, we would go like after I ate my lunch, I would eat my lunch real fast, and then I would get up and help him clean the cafeteria and take out the trash with him and all that stuff. " Salem Harris, student

Mr. Dallas worked at Rich Pond Elementary School for several years but this summer he decided it was time for his career at the school to end. Although he says he misses it, it was the right decision.

“It was great to interact with the kids and see them work and just be involved with them and see how happy they are to be at school and it was just great. I take my hat off to any kid in the world but just working with the kids and being around them. To be able to watch the joy that they have, it is just great,” added Dallas.

His absence is now felt by his former co-worker who wishes he would’ve had more time to spend with Dallas working alongside each other.

“When Dallas announced his retirement it was a big surprise for all of us. I had come to work here three years ago and Dallas was my first contact. He just had such a love for the school, the staff, the kids. He just embodies what a real custodian is all about,” added Hunt.

For his kindness, hard work, and dedication to Rich Pond Elementary School over the years we honor Dallas as this week’s Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero.

“He can definitely brighten the day I never saw him have a bad day he is one of the most positive Christian men I have ever known”

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