WKU Counseling Center doesn’t skip a beat, transitioning to virtual sessions at the beginning of the pandemic

Published: Sep. 4, 2020 at 1:29 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - It’s been six months since the global COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, but WKU’s Counseling Center hasn’t skipped a beat. The use of technology like Zoom has not only been paramount to academics in the wake of COVID-19, it’s also been crucial when it comes to therapy.

WKU’s Counseling Center wasted no time switching to virtual sessions in the middle of last semester.

“As soon as the university closed for that second spring break, we worked hard and heavy with IT to get zoom technology set up and the jabber technology for our phone system,” said Dr. Peggy Crowe, Director of the WKU Counseling Center.

Dr. Crowe says they’ve been as busy as they normally are even offering services remotely, but it’s not necessarily because of COVID:

“I think a lot of times people think COVID is going to bring students to us and sometimes it’s other things that COVID is exasperating, if you will.”

Dr. Crowe says 85 percent of the students they serve are seen for five or fewer sessions.

They also do a consultation visit first to make sure its counseling or maybe another service on campus that they needed.

“It was a way to get students more efficiently what they need in a faster way,” said Dr. Crowe.

This is also a service completely free of charge.

“It is strictly personal counseling, no fee, no insurance. We don’t need any of that paper work. It’s a great convenience for our students,” said Dr. Crowe.

Dr. Crowe wants students to know it’s normal to seek help and says the center works hard to break the stigma around mental health counseling:

“If your head or your heart is hurting we don’t want to talk about it. (that person is going to counseling), we want to whisper. Well we don’t want to whisper about it. We want students to come. If you need us that’s exactly why you’re here.”

The Counseling Center created a coping page last spring to help students deal with the anxiety they may feel from COVID. To view the coping page and learn how to schedule an appointment, log onto\heretohelp

The Counseling Center’s motto is “College should be challenging, not overwhelming.”

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