‘Fatally ill inmate’ contracts virus, asks for release of him and others amid outbreak

Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 6:09 PM CDT
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SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) - Allen County Detention Center is experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak among inmates.

From the inside looking out, inmate Chris Murphy says Allen County Jail is to blame for the surge in cases in Scottsville.

“I am now in a cell with people that are mixed-- that test positive, with people that have tested negative,” said Murphy through a cough.

With COPD and stage four cirrhosis, Murphy recently tested positive for the virus. The jail now has 22 active cases, including one staff member. With 58 inmates, that means 36% of them have the virus.

“My chest is hurting, I’ve been throwing up, I have not eaten at all for about three days,” said Murphy.

He has been in and out jail the past few years, currently in for violating his parole.

“I have a place to go where I can quarantine and they’re not working to let us out, they’re just letting it spread,” said Murphy. “They’re letting people out with worse charges than us, it’s insane.”

Jailer Larry Piper said they are doing what is asked when it comes to protocol. He added they are meeting with the health department and other government officials to try to combat the outbreak.

Meanwhile, a former inmate who was just released claims the jail released him without informing him of his positive result. He lives with his elderly family.

“They didn’t tell me not to be around anybody, they didn’t tell me nothing about corona," said Chris Shockley, former inmate.

Like many facilities, Allen County Detention Center tries to control the on-going spread. Murphy and others await their fate from behind bars.

“I know that we’re in jail, but ya know the majority of people in here should be in a rehab honestly,” claims Murphy.

Allen County Judge Executive, Dennis Harper, sent 13 News the following statement in regards to the outbreak:

“The Judicial Staff, Jailer and Detention Staff, Health Department Director and Staff and Myself started working together as soon as we discovered a positive case in the Detention Center to address the issue. We will continue to address this issue as safely and securely as we can for the Inmates, Detention Staff and the Citizens of Allen County.”

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