Kentucky NAACP releases statement regarding the Grand Jury’s report into the death of Breonna Taylor

The Kentucky NAACP releases a statement regarding the Grand Jury's report into the death of Breonna Taylor
The Kentucky NAACP releases a statement regarding the Grand Jury's report into the death of Breonna Taylor(AP)
Published: Sep. 25, 2020 at 11:53 AM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The Kentucky NAACP released a statement regarding the death of Breonna Taylor and the Grand Jury’s report. The full statement is below:

"The investigation is finally complete, and unfortunately, we are not surprised by the results of the Grand Jury. We see it play out time and time again where Black Lives are concerned. Attorney General Cameron, you have failed to live up to your sworn duty to protect all citizens of the Commonwealth not just the ones that are deemed worthy.

We hear daily that the police are here to protect and serve, however, the message Attorney General Cameron delivered said one thing and one thing only, the life of Black people and Breonna Taylor, in particular, are not worthy of protecting or serving, even when its an innocent bystander.

The charges leveled against Brett Hankison do not go far enough and they certainly are not enough to satisfy the need for justice. In fact, the charges leveled against Mr. Hankison are not even related to Breonna Taylor and should not have been mentioned in relation to her case. We see it for what it is, and it certainly will not silence us in the effort to get real justice for Breonna Taylor.

In the spirit of transparency, that Attorney General Cameron wanted to provide and insisted on, he should release the details of the investigation; and even further based on the differing opinions of the ballistics labs should seek an independent lab to verify one of the labs findings or the other.

The reform that the Louisville Metro Police Department agreed to in the settlement of the civil case is a good start for improving the community, but we must hold them accountable and ensure follow through on the implementation.

We will continue to say her name until the laws are changed which provide qualified immunity that allow police to kill without fear of punishment. We will continue to say her name until there is a database established that tracks the disciplinary actions of police officers. We will continue to say her name until there is a change to the police bill of rights that affords them protections that are not given to other citizens when suspected of wrong. We will continue to say her name until justice is served.

The changes we seek can only come though participation in the process. We will show up at the polls and express our dissatisfaction with the treatment that Breonna Taylor and so many like her have received. Thomas Jefferson said, “We do not have a government of the majority; we have a government of the majority who participate”. It is now time that we all participate and exercise the power of the VOTE!"

Signed by State President and Local NAACP Branch Presidents/Representatives:

Marcus D. Ray, Ky State Conference President

Ryan Dearbone - Bowling Green

Raymond Burse – Louisville

Deborah Hoda - Henderson

Rondalyn Randolph - Owensboro

Joyce Beasley - Hardin Co.

Bruce Dobyns – Mayfield

Abdul Muhammad - Lexington

John Douglas - Georgetown

Janice Harris – Shelbyville Area

Maria Bush - Frankfort

John Banks – Hopkinsville/Christian Co.

Jerry Evans - Lebanon

Marvin Swann - Danville

Terry Dumphord- Bourbon Co.

JW Clery - Paducah

Trevent Hayes - Cave City Area

Tim Whitsell – Madison/Hopkins Co.

Jaida Hampton - Youth & College Division

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