Bowling Green girl battling cancer; asking for community support

Bowling Green girl battling cancer; asking for community support
Published: Oct. 17, 2020 at 7:43 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - “Carmen is 10-years-old. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, bone cancer, in her knee on August 23,” said Barbara Orellana, Carmen’s mother.

Four words a parent never wants to hear, “Your child has cancer.” Which is the news Barbara received about Carmen just two months ago.

“I am doing as good as I possibly can. I am brokenhearted that this had to happen to my baby. But like I said, I have full faith that God will get us through this. We can do this together. I shaved my head for her, just to let her know that hair doesn’t mean anything. We also had nine others in the family and family friends that shave their heads also,” added Barbara.

Carmen is currently receiving chemotherapy treatments in Lexington.

“She has started chemotherapy. She is on her fourth treatment. We will be going home for two weeks this time. Then we’ll be back up here in two more weeks to start again, she will have her scans done, hopefully in the next few weeks to see if the cancer has spread more or if it has stalled and to see if we need to go ahead with the surgery and which kind of surgery we’ll have to do at that time,” added Barbara.

Since Carmen is away in Lexington receiving treatment, that means she has to be away from her two sisters who are staying in Bowling Green.

“She has two sisters at home. One is five and one is eight. And the mental toll that is taking on her is very difficult. her two sisters are having a very hard time, but we have a very good community. They go to Plano Elementary School, and they are helping so much with everything that we need, and helping the sisters get a somewhat normal life through all of this,” said Barbara.

Carmen’s mom is asking her community of Bowling Green to pray for their family and her daughter, who is brave beyond words.

“Right now we are having issues with funds, trying to get everything that she needs. The easiest way to help would be if people could share our GoFundMe and just give lots of prayers. We need as many prayers as we can get. We have full faith that the doctors here UK and God will get us through this," said Barbara.

13 News will stay updated with Carmen’s journey.

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