Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero: Dr. Dan Costellow

Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 4:55 PM CDT
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This week’s Hometown Hero brought to you by Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -After a long time career with the Warren County Public School system DR. C has said goodbye to Rich Pond Elementary School.

“I started out at Warren East back in 1995. As an agriculture teacher, I did that for 15 years and then went to South Warren when it opened and I always felt like elementary was one of the ones I would end up doing. Rich Pond was really my first choice of places to be, because my kids go here, or went here. When it opened up in 2014, I was really excited and so I got hired, and I’ve been here for six years,” said Dr. Costellow or Dr. C, hero.

From hugs in the hallway from eager young minds to observing classes, you could tell students at Rich Pond really love Dr. C.

“I’m really gonna miss the people associated with Rich Pond. Our kids are amazing. They’re sweet, they’re kind, and they’re mannerly. They’re just, they’re smart. I just love our kids. Our parents have been so supportive over the years, they’ve really made my job easier. But the thing I feel best about is our staff and leaving this school in the hands of our very capable staff. I just have no doubts about the future of success at Rich Pond, and what it’s going to do for kids and for adults, many, many years down the road,” added Dr. C.

While his journey with Rich Pond is over, his journey within the education system is not. Dr. C has taken on a new role that he is excited about.

“I’ll be going to the Green River Regional Educational, cooperative. I’ll be leading the program called GREEC Ed. which is a continuing education program for educators who want to pursue a rank change. We’ve got a rigorous program that offers learning that’s tailored to their needs. So we’re excited to be able to offer them something that will help them grow professionally, help them become better educators, and help them serve their students better. I’ll be working with some professional networks as well with some grants. And so there are several things that in several people I’ll be working with. We’ve got 45 districts across Kentucky that we work with. And so it’s going to be neat to see what goes on in other places. But it’s also going to be really a really neat experience to be able to help educators become better at their job. And I’m really excited about that,” added Dr. C.

For his commitment to education through the years for the Warren County community, we honor Dr. C as this week’s Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero.

“I got a text that I had been nominated, I was just stunned. And I was just super humbled and really quite speechless.

I’ve just been here for six years, and it seems like so much longer, but in a good way, because of the relationships that I’ve built with people and that we’ve built together. And I just feel like I’ve come in and done my job and try to be helpful and try to be kind and try to help contribute to a positive culture and a great place to work and a great place for kids to learn. And so for somebody that might recognize that maybe that was going above and beyond.

That’s --that’s a nice honor and I’m super grateful for that. But I just love my job and I love what I’ve done and I’d love this opportunity to be able to meet so many people and to feel like hopefully, I’ve helped a few along the way,” said Dr. C.

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