Meet this week’s Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero: Dixie Hurt

Published: Nov. 20, 2020 at 5:38 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -One teen’s actions are being praised in South Central Kentucky.

Dixie Hurt rang the alarm when her friends were planning on meeting a complete stranger they had been talking to online. Her swift action got authorities involved and saved her friends from harmful strangers.

“I was initially scared. I know these girls, so of course, I, I freaked a little bit,” says Lacy Hurt, Dixie’s mom.

Two of Dixie’s friend had been talking to an older man they met online, and they were planning to meet him in person, but when Dixie heard that, something did not feel right.

“They say that sometimes you just get gut feelings, and you know, something bad is gonna happen. And it was kind of that and then as soon as they said they were gonna meet up with him it been a bit we were having for the school soon. kind of knew it was about time to say something.” -- Dixie Hurt, Hometown Hero

“I explained to her that I had, you know, I had to go get them some kind of help. Somebody had to know what was going on. authorities had to be what be aware of the situation, we had to report it.” -- Lacy Hurt, Dixie’s mom

Hurt has been a Girl Scout and learned valuable lessons being one, among them being courageous, being responsible, and the value of friendship.

Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Membership Development Specialist, Felicia Bland says, “what Dixie did took courage and I don’t think she realizes the impact that her decision had not only just for her friends but for the potential people that she could have saved with her decision to report the information. Dixie is a Girl Scout. So that means girls who are courageous and strong with character and I think the fact that she spoke up speaks to her character speaks to her courage that she did speak up and say something when she saw that something just wasn’t right.”

Bland also nominated Dixie as a hometown hero.

Now Lacy and Dixie want to warn others of the online danger.

“Be very aware of what your children are doing on the internet. These kids now have so many different apps that they use.” Lacy Hurt, Dixie’s mom

DIXIE: “if you’re having problems or decide that you’re just, you know, lonely and want to look for a boyfriend online, don’t do it. I know that it seems like you know, the best idea with COVID and everything because you can, it’s more accessible and it’s an easier way to get ahold of people, but don’t do it. It’s really stupid. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble that way.” -- Dixie Hurt, Hometown Hero

Bland says, “Girl Scouts of Kentucky is very proud of Dixie and we have awarded her the Medal of Honor for her courage for standing up for what is right.”

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