Warren County inmate’s wife worries for his safety after distressing call

Published: Nov. 22, 2020 at 9:38 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - An inmate’s wife is fearing for her husband in the Warren County Regional Jail.

The woman has asked to remain anonymous as her husband’s case is sorted out. She says he called to tell her about rough conditions and rising COVID cases.

“He was crying, upset, stating it was a terrible situation inside the facility—that everything was in disarray,” she explains emotionally.

Some of the problems she says he mentioned to her... covid cases rising... rioting... tens of people packed into a small gym with no bathroom.

“I have cried my eyes out. I feel so helpless.”

With what she’s heard, she has many fears, including, “physical harm and coming out with this virus that has killed so many.”

But Warren County Jailer Stephen Harmon says the claims are rumors.

“It is. It’s not accurate. And of course that’s the risk you run when you go in—I had the nurses and staff go into that cell and I believe it was Thursday and say someone in here is testing positive,” Harmon says.

The jailer explains, as far as inmates they know to be positive, there aren’t any. He does admit there are three staff members quarantining after testing positive.

“What we’ve done works—has worked up until this point so now we’re going to make some adjustments and obviously if we have inmates with symptoms, they go out to the ER. But as far as having a stack of tests to do on every inmate, we do not,” he notes.

As of right now, the jail does not have a running total of COVID-19 cases.

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