Lora Lashley recognized as Poppy’s Teacher of the Month

Published: Dec. 7, 2020 at 4:45 AM CST
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(WBKO) - Despite the struggles the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many teachers, one is standing out from the crowd.

Lora Lashley of Clarkson Elementary has been teaching for the past 17 years, and on Monday she was recognized as Poppy’s Teacher of the Month presented by Flora Templeton Stuart, for her dedication and selflessness towards her students.

“There are parts about it that are difficult or they’re stressful, but when I think about it, there’s nothing else I’d rather do. It’s it is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had,” says Lashley.

Lashley adds that she began her journey into teaching in the same school that saw her grow up.

“I actually went to Clarkson Elementary as a student, and as a child. And then I started teaching my first year at Clarkson Elementary. And so as long as I can remember, and actually started teaching with a couple of teachers that were here while I was a student, this has always been my home.”

She says being recognized as Teacher of the Month made her feel, “I mean, I was very honored, I’m very excited and flattered. I do have some awesome parents who recently reminded me that, that they know I’m working hard, and they appreciate me. So it kind of just added on to what they were telling me.”

“The thing that says the same as you know, our students are still there, they’re ready to learn. We have to figure out a way to teach them you know, that’s still the best part of the job and I tell them that all the time. When we’re here at school and they’re not. It’s very sad. And we look forward to always thing and then they make the job even better,” says Lashley.

She also adds that, “I feel like right now, teachers are more appreciated, because we’re all seen, as parents, we’re all seeing what the teachers do. It is a lot different, and I would have never imagined teaching this way, and so adjusting and I’m learning and it, it can be done. Everything is constantly changing, not just you know, this year is the pandemic, but every year things change in education.

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Each Teacher of the Month will receive a check for $300 to be used for classroom materials.

One Teacher of the Month’s school will be chosen to receive the grand prize of a check for $2,000

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