Butler County’s Roger Moore recognized as this week’s Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero

Published: Dec. 11, 2020 at 7:03 PM CST
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BUTLER CO., Ky. (WBKO) - This week’s Hometown Hero is brought to you by Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers.

Whether it is making floral arrangements for the butler county community or putting together what he calls “Blessing Boxes,” you can always find Roger Moore doing something.

His friends say no matter what, he always finds a way to help someone out.

When Roger Moore found out he was nominated as a hometown hero, he says “I’m overwhelmed and honored. Yet I feel like I’m not worthy.”

Cheryl Hughes, a friend of Roger Moore has known him since she moved to Butler County, 45 years ago.

She says, “he has always been one of those people that wants to give back, and I think the thing that sets Roger apart is he seeks ways, he doesn’t wait for somebody to come to him with a need.

Another friend of Roger is Greg Jones, Jones says “Roger is the kind of guy, if you call him and say you needed something if you didn’t have it, or couldn’t get it done right there, he would make some calls and get things fixed, or help you out or something.”

Moore has been at the forefront of his flower shop, Five Seasons, a business that’s been a staple in Morgantown for the past 46 years. But it’s not just the beautiful arrangements that make Roger Moore essential in the community.

“He’s always seeking out a way to help people or animals in need. And I think that’s what sets him apart and what makes him a hometown hero,” says Hughes.

“The blessing box started about two years ago, my son started the Blessing Box, he owned the property next to the city park and he built a box and put it over there to put food in for people that needed food, drinks or whatever,” says Roger Moore.

Moore adds that he has received several donations from different places and people also come to Butler County from other areas to get a Blessing Box.

“There’s a great need in the community, and a lot of people were never aware of it until we brought it forward. Blessing Boxes are free to anyone that comes to ask.”

Friends of Moore say the Blessing Boxes are just another part of Moore’s generosity.

“Rather than getting a banner to put up touting your business, advertising your business on the fence at Butler County High School, he would take the money that, that banner would have cost and invested it in a student whom he didn’t even know, that word of mouth found out that they needed running track shoes or equipment or something to participate in the sport that they had,” says Greg Jones.

“He isn’t me personally. He really is always looking out, looking to see who he can help next,” says Hughes.

Moore adds, “I’ve tried to help people along the way, I’m very honored, but yet I’m very humbled. There are so many people that do so much more, this nomination is more than for me, it’s for all people that support this program.”

If anyone wants to help Roger Moore by sending items for a Blessing Box, the address is:

Morgantown Blessing Box

P.O. Box 483.

Morgantown Kentucky 42261

Or you can drop it off at 125 North Main Street, Morgantown, Kentucky 42261.

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