Life coach who lost 125 pounds shares message of self-love, taking small steps for lasting success

Published: Jan. 6, 2021 at 1:01 PM CST
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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Ca. (WBKO) - Among the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, be healthier, happier and more active. Kiah Twisselman has lived that journey, losing more than 125 pounds. She now helps guide others in achieving their own health and happiness goals as a life coach.

Twisselman said she decided to make a lifestyle change in October 2018. “I had tried countless diets before and all of them failed. I was searching for something different. What was the missing piece? What I came to discover in my health journey was that the missing piece wasn’t the diet or the exercise, while of course those are important, the missing piece was really starting my journey from a place of self-love.” She said it was baby steps that lead her to make a lasting change in health and wellness.

Twisselman said her best piece of advice is to make slow and gradual changes to avoid burn-out and encourage consistency. She said making drastic changes overnight will likely not be sustainable. “My best piece of advice for the beginning of the year, as you’re establishing this new healthy lifestyle for yourself, is to start small. Pick one thing. Get good with one habit and then add the next one over time. The magic is in the baby steps, I promise.”

Kiah Twisselman’s story has captured international attention, featured by Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, Daily Mail and People and translated into over 40 languages around the world. “It’s really crazy for me to look back and think that the one thing that used to feel like my greatest curse, battling with obesity and my weight for the longest time, has now become my greatest blessing. And really walking through that struggle has now given me this incredible opportunity to empower so many other women and men all across the world to really learn those mental tools to transform their life and find health and happiness along the way. It feels like the greatest gift.”

You can learn more about Kiah Twisselman and the “One Bit Don’t Quit” January 2021 Challenge here and follow her on social media @kiah_twisselman.

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