We Ask, You Decide: Should Gov. Beshear be impeached?

Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 5:42 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The Kentucky House of Representatives is creating a committee to consider impeaching Governor Andy Beshear.

According to the state constitution, the House must form a committee if it receives a petition for the governor’s impeachment. On Friday, four Kentuckians submitted that petition.

They are Jacob Clark from Grayson County, Tony Wheatley from Mercer County, Randall Daniel from Bullitt County, and Andrew Cooperrider from Fayette County. The men are calling for Beshear to be impeached on eight counts regarding his COVID-19 restrictions.

“So one of those people that signed the petition is Jacob Clark. This is a video on Facebook where he says that God is going to smite me, and that is his handgun right above his left shoulder,” said Gov. Beshear in a recent address to the commonwealth.

A warning for Governor Andy Beshear: As the decrees go out and become more tyrannical, I am reminded of Jeroboam, a wicked king. Beshear now plans to take action against those of us who will worship in the way we feel led to. Beshear blames a church revival for deaths in Hopkins County. However, the revival took place 3 days before the business closings began. He is pretending these folks were negligent, when they were actually just uninformed. Mr. Beshear should rescind his order to record license plates and force quarantine church goers, or else God may strike him down. I have played along with all the "orders" until now. This is going too far.

Posted by Jacob Clark for Grayson / Hardin County KY District 18 House Representative on Friday, April 10, 2020

“This is a warning to Governor Andy Beshear. And this is not meant to be physically threatening or anything,” Clark said in the video above.

13 News asked opinions of locals in the area and received balanced viewpoints from both sides of the argument.

Osei Thomas says he agrees with impeachment, he says executive action was taken without respect of the legislature.

“I think he overstepped his boundaries because pretty much he didn’t allow the House and Senate to do anything. We voted in a bunch of people this past year, a couple of years ago to step in and do a job and they haven’t been able to do anything. Beshear took executive order to shut down everybody, regardless if we had money or anything,” Thomas said.

Andee and her brother Dan Rudloff say they are against a Beshear impeachment and say the Governor has been following the law in the time of this global emergency.

“Governor Beshear has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our state and in every county. And I think that all decisions that he is making regarding COVID specifically in the state, in general, are data-based,” said Dan Rudloff.

“I would second that and say, you know, you have to keep in mind as my brother, Governor Beshear is an attorney. He’s very careful and cautious about what he’s doing and that everything that he’s doing is lawful,” said Andee Rudloff.

“He made a bunch of actions that hurt businesses hurt a lot of people. Unemployment checks not being sent out. There’s just so much going on. A lot of small businesses were shut down, whereas you can still go to Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. I mean it to me, it’s ridiculous--He’s done some drastic things that have hurt a lot of people,” said Thomas.

Governor Beshear says there are zero grounds for impeachment. In November 2020, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that Beshear’s COVID-19 restrictions were constitutional.

“The data clearly shows that the super spreader activities are in bars, restaurants, churches, you know, things of that nature. I mean, I think that the data has shown that anytime there’s a church revival, and there are people that are sharing their aerosol spittle in close quarters, particularly inside, that there is a spike. So I think that the Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled in the governor’s favor. Basically, I think that the opponents of the governor are generally just going to be against the governor, no matter what he does, I mean, the governor could have come up with the COVID vaccine himself. And they’re not going to like it, because either it wasn’t their idea, or just because they’re going to be against anything the governor is is trying to do. I think he’s trying his best. I think that, you know, he is complying with the law, and that everything that he is doing and has done, has been based upon current data. And so if you’re doing that, if you’re complying with the law, and you’re listening to medical experts, I just I don’t know what more of the guy can do,” said Dan Rudloff.

“I think that, you know, here we have a governor who has gone above and beyond for every single Kentuckian, his compassion and his plan. And, you know, I think that sometimes, you know, you just have these petty wars that tend to exist between parties that really are not based, in fact, and I think some of the things that I’ve seen posted concerning those fears that they have about the governor are just not based in fact,” said Andee Rudloff.

“The mandates don’t really work. I mean you could tell people to put a mask on, most don’t have one on. I mean, you go around town, anywhere, go outside of state, it’s like a whole different world. Regardless if you have a mask on or not, the whole world is suffering from this virus, this virus is very, very bad. I mean, you look on TV the nurses put on a complete suit, you know respiratory and all this stuff. And then they tell us put a mask on, I don’t really see how it’s going to protect me against something like that, compared to what the nurses wearing, but that’s what they want us to wear. But regardless, you know, you can’t make anybody do something. I think Beshear is acting like a dictator, trying to make everybody do stuff. And it’s not helping us at all,” said Thomas.

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