Robin Loid named this week’s Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero

Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 5:27 PM CST
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This week’s Hometown Hero is brought to you by Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - After the tragic loss of her daughter back in 2017, Robin Loid decided to use her grief to help others.

Robin Loid reflecting on the tragedy, “In 2017, McKenzi, my daughter, she was killed in a car wreck in Pittsburgh, and when we got to the hospital, they handed me her phone, which I still have on and cultivate kindness was her screensaver.”

Taking cultivate kindness to commemorate the memory of her daughter, Loid and her daughter Emily began the non-profit, Cultivate Kindness.

Robin’s friends describe her as a hero, always willing to lend a hand to others.

“Robin is truly a Hometown Hero. She has such empathy for people through McKenzi’s death three years ago, she has taken that tragedy and made it into something so wonderful, she’s given to people in every single way,” says Maura Gerard, a friend of Robin’s.

Warren County Clerk and a close friend of Robin, Lynette Yates says, “she is definitely a Hometown Hero and all assets of Warren County she helps everyone that she can.”

Gerard adds, “She’s the epitome of an angel on Earth and I know her own angels in Heaven, but she is everything that McKenzi would want her to be.”

Shana Farris, another close friend of Robin’s adds “Our world needs so much right now and if we all just did our little part, and that’s something Robin and I’ve talked about, you know, if, if we all just did one little thing, what a difference that would make.”

Loid says McKenzi was always thinking of ways to help others. She says that became very realistic when her daughter passed away, and her family found out, she was an organ donor.

“I met Robin, it was three months after her daughter, McKenzi Loid died in a tragic accident and I received her kidney. Initially, I was the third recipient, the backup, and somehow, Robin and her family got me to be the top and I ended up getting it, and it was a perfect match,” adds Amanda Williams, the woman who received an organ transplant from McKenzi.

Robin’s friends are grateful for everything she’s done for them.

“Robin and her daughter, Emily and Cultivate Kindness is just that bit of hope that everyone needs right now,” says Williams.

Farris adds, “I want to thank Robin because she is so inspiring. One thing that I’ve noticed in its made me think about being a better person, and what can I do today to bring more kindness to the world.”

Loid says she just wants to be able to motivate others who may be going through something similar.

“I hope it inspires because I’m just a mom that misses her daughter, and I just hope that I can help others that are going through hard times that regardless of what we go through. There’s not a lot we can change, but we can, you know, divert our anger and our heart and our grief into something positive for the good of others, which is my goal,” says Loid.

For more information on Cultivate Kindness click here.

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