Meet Molly Warf, Poppy’s Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Molly Warf, Poppy's Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Molly Warf, Poppy's Teacher of the Month(Ana Medina)
Published: Feb. 1, 2021 at 3:32 AM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -Teaching is a profession many describe as rewarding.

And one teacher in Glasgow has made an impact on a family that she is now being recognized as Poppy’s Teacher of the Month, presented by Flora Templeton Stuart.

Amanda Brinkerhoff has a daughter in the second grade at Red Cross Elementary. Brinkerhoff nominated Mrs. Molly Warf, and says, “she is the epitome of a great teacher and Red Cross is very fortunate to have her.”

“I love my job as a teacher, it is the best feeling when you can see something click, I mean, you can see it in their eyes,” says Mrs. Molly Warf, Poppy’s Teacher of the Month.

Mrs. Warf has been a teacher for the past five years, but this school year had many unforeseen challenges, the biggest one: dealing with a pandemic.

“I feel like as my role as an educator, it is to continue educating, but to be mindful that these kids have never been through something like this. So while it’s hard for us as adults, it’s 10 times harder for them, because they don’t know how to vocalize that,” says Warf.

Brinkerhoff adds that, “she has taken extra time to you know, to help her with with my husband and I are working full time jobs. This virtual has been a challenge for us. And she has made sure that it has been just as easy as possible for us and for our daughter.”

Mrs. Warf spoke on the biggest lesson she’s learned this year, “learning to be flexible, while we’ve been put in situations that necessarily weren’t ideal. Learning to adjust to that and understand that children are resilient if they are given the right tools. Kids will learn from people they trust, and if they don’t trust you, then they’re not gonna learn from you.”

Warf also says that building relationships from the start with the students and their parents has been her secret for success.

“In the beginning of the year, I tell my parents, we’re a team, I will treat your child like I like my children to be treated.”

Amanda Brinkerhoff says she’s grateful for Mrs. Warf.

“We love her and we appreciate everything that she’s done and that she does for not only my daughter, but all of the kids that she has in her class.”

“I hope one day a child can look back and I could be that teacher that made that difference in their life,” says Warf.

Each Teacher of the Month will receive a check for $300 to be used for classroom materials.

One Teacher of the Month’s school will be chosen to receive the grand prize of a check for $2,000

To nominate a teacher, click here.

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