Black History Makers: Aurelia Spaulding, Founder of For a Real Change, Inc.

Black History Makers: Aurelia Spaulding
Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 2:04 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - In February we celebrate Black History Month, remembering important people and events in our history. An organization in Bowling Green is also focusing on the future, those who will make history in the years to come.

Aurelia Spaulding is Founder and Executive Director of For a Real Change, Inc., a 501(c) nonprofit whose mission is to empower young people through education, meaningful service experiences and applied learning, “so we’re essentially honing in on those leadership abilities that they already have in them so they can go out and do really important things that they want to do,” Spaulding said.

For a Real Change offers after-school programs, educational opportunities, mentorship, events and programs that inspire young people “to go out and change the world,” she said.

The vision for the organization was inspired by Spaulding’s grandmothers. “It’s really rooted in just wanting to honor my grandparents, my grandmothers specifically, and how they really gave to others and advocated in the community, and after they left just seeing that the best way that I could do that would be helping the young people,” Spaulding said. She said it began with her own family, her younger cousins who were vocal about how they wanted access to more reading and learning opportunities.

Spaulding said she is moved by the passion she sees in her conversations with area youth. “I was just talking last fall to young people about internet access in schools, and it wasn’t me driving that conversation, it was them driving that conversation.” She said they expressed a desire to confront matters like bullying and racism. “These are young people as early as elementary school who really want to address issues that are important to them and don’t know where to start. So that’s really built into the core of it is taking a young person who wants to lead and giving them opportunities to lead in whatever way that they want to.”

For a Real Change, Inc. is celebrating Black History Month with a special coloring activity and drawing on their website, where you can also find conversation starters for discussion.

Learn more about For a Real Change, Inc. here.

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