Warren County Schools to welcome all students back in less than one week

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 7:46 PM CST
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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - On Monday March 1, all students who choose to do so will be returning back to the classrooms within the Warren County School district, a day students, faculty and staff have been anticipating for nearly a year.

“So the day that it was announced, Mr. Frazier (the principal of Plano Elementary) said it on the announcements and it was like, it was like the whole whole third and fourth grade hallway was like erupting in cheer, you would have thought that we all won the lottery,” Sarah David said. Davis is a fourth grade teacher at Plano Elementary School.

She has been preparing in-person and online lessons for her students since they went back in-person on a hybrid schedule.

“It has been crazy, but it has been super awesome. Just getting the opportunity to be back in person at all was a blessing,” Davis explained.

The principal of her school, Ben Frasier, said transitioning most students back into the building will not be a difficult task because of the precautions the school currently has in place.

“All we’re doing now is just adding to the number of students who are going to be in the building,” Frasier said. Obviously, there are some things we have to think about, like adding more seating capacity in our lunch room, and making sure our desks are spaced out.”

Frasier said he is looking forward to seeing students have a more consistent learning experience, and for teachers to be able to see students in-person more often. He pointed out that one benefit of the hybrid schedule was that teachers spent more quality time with students on their in-person days because of smaller class sizes.

“That’s been an advantage that we wouldn’t have other times. Now, obviously, we want students in the building as much as possible. So, in order for us to meet our learning targets, we need to have them with us, but I think now that teachers know their students so well, we will be able to accelerate the adjustment of when they come back,” Frasier explained.

If they choose, students will return to the school buildings for four days a week, leaving Friday as an NTI day.

“We’ve learned that the school isn’t made of just a building, but it’s made of the staff, it’s made of the community, made of the students. So I’m super proud of how our school has come together during this year,” Frasier said.

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