School Resource Officer buys Chick-fil-A for 60 students who say, “We’ve never had it before.”

Warren Co. Public schools' resource officer buys students Chick Fil A
Published: Mar. 17, 2021 at 5:48 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - “We decided that we would get Chick-fil-A for every kid in the building,” said WCPS Resource Officer, Deputy Chris Shelton.

Deputy Chris Shelton is a resource officer at Warren County Public Schools’ Jackson Academy. Shelton says he was talking to students about being polite and using manners when he used Chick-fil-A as an example for their polite customer service.

“Some of the kids were like, well, I’ve never had Chick-fil-A, I don’t know anything about it,” said Shelton.

When Deputy Shelton heard some of the students had never experienced Chick-fil-A he took matters into his own hands; purchasing 60 Chick-fil-A meals one for each student. The gesture totaling over 200 dollars.

“I have seen smiles yesterday on kids that I’ve never seen a smile in this building before. It was a really good reaction, worth every penny. Just to show them, hey, you know, just because I wear a badge and a gun and a law enforcement officer. We are not bad. You know, we’re just, we’re here to help,” said Shelton.

“So our students were so appreciative that someone had gone out of their way to do something for them, they are in an alternative school. And so they’re removed from a lot of their, their friends and things going on back in their school. And so they felt so privileged to be in an alternative setting, yet I’m getting a reward. And we that’s what we strive for, we want them to know you are worthy of that,” said Jackson Academy coordinator, Leslie Miller.

“There were students who had never been to Chick-fil-A, or they follow Chick-fil-A as if it was like what we would think of is a high-end, expensive restaurant,” said program director for Warren County Day Treatment, Anthony Young. “A lot of my students, all they hear is bad things about police and he’s able to really change that narrative. Just by being himself, just by being interested in the students, hearing stories about the students and figuring out how he can assist and how he can meet those needs of our students, just building a great relationship with them, where they, in turn, learn that police are not all bad and you don’t have to be afraid of the police officers.”

“Deputy Shelton is just that kind of a person. And he came to me a couple of days ago and said, ‘Hey do you mind if I bring Chick-fil-A for the students?’ and I said absolutely, that’d be great. And he just said, ‘you know what I was talking to some of the students and they never had that experience for it, I’d like to give that to them. And I said, Oh, by all means, go right ahead. And he is the epitome of a school resource officer,” said Jackson Academy principal, Eric Wilson.

“We take it for granted, you know, sometimes that for us to run through the drive-thru of any restaurant. Some of these kids don’t have that opportunity. They’re not that fortunate. And just to be able to give back is kind of nice,” said Shelton.

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