Candace Davis named Poppy’s Teacher of the Month

Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 3:55 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - WBKO continues to recognize teachers who have gone above and beyond to make a difference.

Candace Davis, a math teacher at Lost River Elementary, has been named Poppy’s Teacher of the Month, presented by Flora Templeton Stuart.

Davis has been teacher for over 20 years impacting the lives of young students and making a difference one math lesson at a time.

“I got into the teaching career because honestly, it was the path that I think God chose for me. Technically [I] went as a college student to be a nurse,” said Davis, “then nothing seemed to work out. So then I changed my career to teaching it seemed like everything just worked out perfectly.”

In her many years of teaching, Mrs. Davis never expected one challenge to be thrown her way--COVID-19. Throughout the pandemic, she had to adapt to teaching in the classroom and teaching online.

“I think the reason this year has been so crazy, it’s because kids have to be in the classroom to really learn,” she said, “they need that teacher, they need that environment, they need someone in front of them to give them that, that that teaching career. And as a teacher, I feel like kids are still behind and trying to make sure that they are getting caught up, it’s kind of stressful, you know, as teachers who are good teachers who want the best for their kids and to have that education.”

Davis spent countless hours outside of the classroom ensuring if her students needed help she would be there for them, even on a Sunday night.

“Miss Davis, I can’t do this math. Can you help me? Yes, eight o’clock at night? Yes. Yes. You know, let me help you with this math at eight o’clock at night on a Sunday.”

Davis is recognized as Poppy’s Teacher of the Month for going above and beyond the teaching duties in and outside of the classroom.

“So it’s very honoring to know that somebody, you know, one of the parents could have taught or parents of these kids that I taught nominated me for that. So I’m very happy,” said Davis.

To nominate a teacher, click here.

Each Teacher of the Month will receive a check for $300 to be used for classroom materials.

One Teacher of the Month’s school will be chosen to receive the grand prize of a check for $2,000

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