Texas based Buc-ees expanding to Smiths Grove

Texas based Buc-ees expanding to Smiths Grove
Published: Apr. 30, 2021 at 8:58 PM CDT
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SMITHS GROVE, Ky. (WBKO) - A Texas-based store chain is expanding into South Central Kentucky.

Buc-ees who just opened a location in Richmond, Kentucky, will also open a new location in Smiths Grove.

The Mayor of Smiths Grove, David Stiffey says “and we’ve been pretty excited about what we’ve seen.”

Buc-ees was founded in 1982, so far Mayor Stiffey says from what they have researched, “but it’s somewhat like a mini-mall, and I thought we were pretty privileged for them to consider coming to Smiths Grove. I think they bought roughly like 30 just over 30 acres for the facility.”

The one being that will be in Smiths Grove is just off exit 38, just off I-65 North, and it is still in the early stages of planning because of the location.

“The property on one side of the road is a city and then on their side it’s not so we’re hoping to work with the Buc-ees people,” said Mayor Stiffey.

He also adds this is a great addition to Smiths Grove.

“So everything is not all about money, but to be able to provide services for the city or for your community. We all know you’ve got to have something to do that, and that revenue. I think the other positive they’re talking maybe 100 employees for this one place and the only thing right now until we can work with them and hopefully get things straightened out with the annexation,” adds Stiffey.

Stiffey also says “I’m hoping people will be open-minded and, and look at this as a positive and welcome it instead of saying it’s not something you know, we want.”

Buc-ees has expanded into other states like Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

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