‘Brood X’ Cicadas make return to South Central Kentucky

Updated: May. 24, 2021 at 7:27 PM CDT
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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - The shells of a pack of cicadas were found in the Rockfield area of Warren County. Chad Singer who is a biologist and the operations manager at Lost River Cave said more specifically, the cicadas emerging now are called ‘Brood X’ or ‘Brood 10.’

“It’s a 17-year periodic insect,” Singer explained. “They’ve spent a very long time underneath the ground feeding off of sap from grassroots and tree roots as well.” Billions of Brood X cicadas come up from the ground every 17 years in the Eastern part of the United States.

They are most known for their ‘prehistoric’ look and the ringing noise the male insects make. “Those loud noises that we hear from them are actually the male’s singing, which is pretty neat,” Singer said. They make this noise to get a mate’s attention. “Insects and, of course, what we see in our bird species and in all species is the males do a little too much to get their mates attention,” Singer joked.

Another unique feature about the cicadas is they shed their shell. “They’re really neat for kids to kind of pick up those little shells and see what that molting process is really like. So, it’s one of those little gateway bugs, you know, just like butterflies are for metamorphosis,” Singer explained.

Though the cicadas might look a bit scary, they are harmless. Singer said they are such interesting creatures, and to try to enjoy them for the time they are here.

“They’re very neat and Brood X is pretty cool, to have millions of them coming out every 17 years is pretty neat, so just enjoy them don’t kill them,” he said.

So far, there have been no spottings of these cicadas at Lost River Cave yet.

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