Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero: Bob Skipper

Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero: Bob Skipper
Published: Jul. 2, 2021 at 9:34 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - For many years, he served as the spokesperson for Western Kentucky University, but to many, including students, he means a lot more.

Not every spokesperson leaves behind a legacy like Bob Skipper, or Skipper, Bob.

“I feel if I can have fun while I’m working, then that’s just all that much better,” Skipper said.

After using his email address, which came through as Skipper, Bob informs students of snow days and other class cancellations.

“My email would come into them as Skipper, comma, Bob, and the first question whether that was a real person. And once they found out it was then I kind of became a hero, or, or sometimes a villain, depending on what decision was made,” Skipper said.

Though Skipper was not the one actually making the calls, he was just the messenger, and his name became one just about every student knew.

“He really took on the whole Skipper, Bob, personality or persona and just had fun with it, and that’s another endearing quality about Bob,” said WKU photographer Clinton Lewis.

Bob did more than let students know their classes being canceled for the day

“He always opens his door, whether it’s a younger journalism student, or whether it’s somebody from a national news media, he handles them the same. And I think that it’s one of those things that are the trademarks and hallmarks of a good PR person, but But Bob instills all of that,” says Lewis.

Bob has dedicated about 35 years working for the campus and says he will miss the give and take he has had with the students over the years.

Outside of working for the campus, he also serves as chief of the Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department.

“I think it’s the community, serving the community is very important to him. Bob is one of those that just always looks for ways to help folks.”

Those who worked with Bob through the years say his personality, management style, and sense of humor made him so successful at his endeavors

As he enters his final days working on campus, Bob says he will miss the people he worked with through the years the most.

“Never a day that I dreaded coming to work because I knew I work with such great people. I just, I couldn’t find anything better than that,” says Bob.

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