UNSOLVED: Mother searches for answers in son’s murder three years later

Three years later, no arrests made in Nevander Tardy homicide investigation
Published: Jul. 7, 2021 at 5:33 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - ‘More pieces to the puzzle’ is what a mother pleads as she searches for answers in her son’s murder investigation.

“Around this time of the year, it’s bad for me,” said Temple Satterfield-Bowen, mother of the late Navendar Tardy.

This time of year is the third difficult go-around for Satterfield-Bowen.

“No random phone calls, no laughing no big smile is what he had,” said Satterfield-Bowen.

Her son, Nevander Tardy was found shot multiple times on Rockcreek Drive in July of 2018. He was pronounced dead at the scene that night.

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“Crime Stoppers ran an ad not too long ago, bringing more tips,” said Satterfield-Bowen.

Three years later and Bowen says there’s been plenty of tips, but no concrete answers.

“I’ve always been questioning about what he was doing in Bowling Green. And I still say to this day, I do not know, I don’t live here. And I didn’t live here at the time,” explained Satterfield-Bowen.

Nevander would have been 31 in November, leaving behind three children- the oldest 11 years old.

“His kids are getting older. The oldest one now has questions. Our last visit was very, very hard with her at his gravesite, because now she’s wondering, she said, ‘Granny did the person not know that he had little children?’”

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“She asked also, what were his last words? I can’t give that answer. So it’s just heartbreaking.”

A mother that is grieving not only for her son, but alongside grandkids as well.

“It’s the memories that push me through. But now the push more is from wanting these answers for the children,” said Satterfield-Bowen.

Police say the case hasn’t gone cold, as it’s being actively investigated.

“Someone has been calling in leaving tips. And in any tip just adds a piece to the puzzle,” she said

While Satterfield-Bowen says her prayers remain unanswered for now, this mother remains faithful and hopeful that justice could be right around the corner.

“As the years have gone by faith is just make me stronger. I won’t say that storms don’t come, I just know storms don’t last always.”

Anyone with information that would lead to an arrest, in this case, should call Bowling Green Police at (270) 393-4000, South Central Kentucky Crime Stoppers at (270) 781-CLUE or toll-free at (866) 842-CLUE.

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