Munfordville hosts celebration for Stan Cottrell as he partakes in third cross-country run

City of Munfordville Hosts Celebration for Homecoming of Runner Stan Cottrell
Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 10:43 PM CDT
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MUNFORDVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) - 78-year-old Stan Cottrell has run more than 260,000 miles in his lifetime. Most recently, he set off on a three thousand-mile journey from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. He is calling this run the Amazing Friendship Run of 2021.

“I’ve run about 2,300 miles, I think I have about 700 miles to go,” Cottrell said. He plans on completing the cross-country run in 100 days. “I think we’ve been on the road now 67, this may be day 68. I know I’ve got 32 more days.” This will be his third cross-country trip over the United States.

Born and raised in Hart county, Cottrell has not forgotten his roots. On Monday he ran through the town as the community celebrated his many accomplishments. Cottrell said it was emotional seeing the sights of his hometown. “This is where it all started,” he said.

Love, charity, and inspiring others are a big part of running for Cottrell. “It’s my passion. It’s just like this, having this kind of encounter and realizing this gift that I’ve been given, I give it back to the world.”

Though his runs support multiple organizations, this one, in particular, will go to help WLOC’s Clothes for Kids out of Munfordville. “The investment in our children, that’s the best investment you can make,” he explained. “That’s the hope for America, is those children, to nurture them, to give them hope and to give them warmth.”

During a celebration of his homecoming in Munfordville on Monday, Cottrell was presented with a certificate from the governor’s office for his accomplishments.

I pray that my coming with people, it’s a positive experience, and they feel loved, they feel warm, they feel hope they feel energized,” Cottrell said. “And they, in turn, pass that on to other people.”

It was a day of celebration, as Cottrell also reunited with family and friends.

“This is special. Everybody should have a place like this in their heart to go home,” Cottrell stated.

He will now continue the rest of his journey to the East Coast, arriving by August 14.

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