Aviation Camp takes participants into the sky at Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 8:47 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Summer is a time when school’s out, kids are enjoying their time off and some get to go camping, and Warren County has a camp like no other.

“It was pretty cool, got to go over the Corvette Museum, to see all the Corvettes, and taking off was fun to go near the big clock tower,” says Thomas Kirby one of the participants of the camp.

Samantha Tabor the Executive Assistant of the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport spoke on their aviation camp.

“So at aviation camp, they learn all the basics of aviation aircraft, instruments, and design, aeronautical maps, aviation-related careers. They get to practice on flight simulators, and they’ll practice takeoffs and landings on those and then they actually get to go up in an airplane with an FAA certified flight instructor,” says Tabor.

Another participant, Morgan Rockrohr also spoke on her experience at the camp, “we’ve gone up in the flying, we’ve learned how to start mapping for navigation. We’ve done a simulator for flying and other than that we’ve done aeronautics.”

Due to the pandemic, “we did cancel it last year because of COVID. So we’re really excited to be back this year. The first session of camp that the first two days is ages 10 to 17, and that’s normally what it is, it’s just one camp. But we added one this year so we can include adults so we have a lot of families attending together since we did that,” added Tabor.

For those attending the camp, the best part was getting hands-on experience, flying.

“It was really different than I thought it would be. I thought it’d be a lot scarier, and I thought there’d be a lot more turbulence. But it was really easy to do the controls. It’s definitely something that I would do if I were you. It’s really cool experience especially if you want to fly in the future,” says Rockrohr.

Kirby adds, “obviously I like the best how you get to fly the plane. I like the simulators, and I like learning about how to navigate.”

The cost of the camp is $274 per student, but “we have a lot of scholarships available, thanks to all of our sponsors, and just people who have donated their time and money. So we make sure every kid that wants to go gets to go. We usually learn about the next camp in January or February and we already have a waitlist going,” says Tabor.

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