Attorney General’s Search Warrant Task Force meets in Bowling Green

Attorney General's Search Warrant Task Force Met on Tuesday
Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 8:06 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Back in January, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced the formation of a search warrant task force.

Since then the group made up of members of the judiciary, legislators, law enforcement, and others have met to discuss and review the search warrant process in Kentucky.

“I’m hopeful that ultimately, at the end of this process, we’ll have some recommendations that we can either present to the Legislature or the Administrative Office of the Courts,” says AG Daniel Cameron on the goal of the task force.

He also says, “the reason that this task force was formed, is that periodically, I think it’s important for the state legal officer, chief legal officer, and chief law enforcement officer to be engaged on big topics in facets of our law enforcement system and so we chose to take a particularly detailed look at our search warrant process.”

Hon. Joseph Ross is a County Attorney in Logan County and he also represents the Kentucky County Attorneys Association.

“I think this committee was recommended by the Attorney General and put together to get a collective group of the various agencies that are involved in this to kind of take a look at the search warrant process from whole statewide,” says Ross.

On Tuesday, the task force was able to meet on Western’s Campus, where they asked questions and also discussed moving forward.

“A lot of what this group is looking to do is to collectively come together, bring our experiences together, and hopefully, at the end of this as a whole have recommendations and observations put out there that improve the search warrant process here in the state of Kentucky, and maybe nationwide. I think I’m able to bring a voice to not only my county, but Western Kentucky, and the smaller communities as a whole,” adds Ross.

The attorney general says the public can also participate in the discussions.

“I hope that they recognize that what we have tried to do with this process in particular, in this task force is make it as transparent as possible. We’ve obviously had a live stream that people from the public can utilize to access these taskforce meetings, we take meeting minutes as well. I’m hopeful at the end of this process, that Kentucky can be a national model for how we undertake our search warrant process here in Kentucky,” said Cameron.

If you’d like to see when the next task force meeting is or potentially get involved, click here.

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