Kentucky Transpark to expand by more than 230 more acres

Kentucky Transpark to Expand by More Than 200 Acres
Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 9:47 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Warren County and the city of Bowling Green officials have come together to purchase 232 more acres, adding to the Kentucky Transpark.

“We’re in the process of closing on that property and getting it rezoned so that we can make it available for projects that are looking in that area,” President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Ron Bunch said.

This comes shortly after about 300 acres was added, because of that expansion, Ball Corporation was able to locate in the Transpark. This was the largest attraction project to come to Bowling Green since 2004.

The addition of Ball and the extra land created more interest in expanding. “With that interest, we’ve received support from the city in the county to acquire the 232 more acres,” Bunch explained.

The Kentucky Transpark is currently about 1,200 acres and holds nearly 3,000 of Bowling Green’s jobs. It is the second-largest hub for big industry in town, just behind the South Industrial Park.

“It’s proven to be a real success story in Kentucky, and a great generator of income to the city and the county that we’re the continual investors in,” Bunch said.

Having land and buildings readily available is attractive to new industries looking to locate in Bowling Green. This is another reason for the investment by the city and county.

“That continuum of property, we call it, has really helped us have the flexibility to apply to a lot of different kinds of projects with different timelines, even ones that need to move very quickly,” Bunch explained.

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