Only difference between additional and booster dose is timing

Only difference between additional and booster dose is timing
Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 4:47 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Millions of people are now eligible to receive the Covid vaccine booster. Meanwhile, some facilities have already been administering the additional dose.

“It gets a little confusing when we hear the term between the third dose in a booster,” expressed Melinda Joyce with Med Center Health.

Days ago, the CDC approved the booster dose for people 65 and up, long-term care residents, healthcare workers and those with underlying health conditions.

“The approval is still only for the two doses. So, they’re under the emergency use authorization for that booster dose,” explained Melinda Joyce.

Meanwhile, local health departments have been administering the booster shot, or the ‘additional dose’ for over a month now. The difference is simply the timing of the dose, experts say.

“For a third dose, that timing might be a little bit sooner, but for the booster, it’s going to be after six months of being fully vaccinated,” said Joyce. “Someone that’s immunocompromised may actually get it sooner than someone who’s getting a booster because that really does need to wait until six months after fully vaccinated. A lot of long-term care facilities were going ahead and giving their residents that third dose or that booster dose [early on].”

The doses that were previously administered compared to the ones administered now are the same as far as ingredients go.

“It is the very same product. So there is no difference, the dose is the same.”

Med Center Health is now administering booster doses and has given over 300 as of early Monday. According to Med Center Health, more than 50 percent have been for those that are 65 and older and about 30 percent have been in healthcare workers, and then a very small percentage of others.

“We are opening back up. We do have a limited number of appointments.”

Health officials don’t want the announcement of the booster shot to distract the nation from the ultimate and current goal which is getting as many people vaccinated as possible.

“One of the very best things people can do to help protect themselves and to protect others is to get that vaccine,” said Joyce.

To make an appointment for your booster shot at Med Center Health, text COVID to (270) 796-4400.

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