Student talks about his GED journey with SKYCTC and Skills U classes

Student Who Received GED From SKYCTC Speaks on Skills U Classes
Published: Oct. 6, 2021 at 8:23 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - We often think of getting a degree as something necessary for success but for some, the road to success is oftentimes filled with challenges.

One program at South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College is helping adults get their GED’s and also get on the career path.

“It’s never too late, really. You just have to have that little desire to start. Although you may be a little bit older, you’re never too old to learn,” says Danielo Pickett a student who received his GED at SKYCTC.

“I was adopted from Haiti, and I told my parents, I want to go to school--- They said ‘go, we have the Community College, you can start taking classes there.’ I was like, okay, that’s, that’s cool and I started coming here as an ESL student, and started practice for my GED. Two years later, I passed the GED test,” added Pickett.

Christy Beatty is in the administrative services at SKYCTC. She spoke about another student, Ginger Sparks, who is inspiring others after getting her GED as well.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ginger Sparks for the last two years. She is one of our student workers. She has been phenomenal. She went through the GED program with us, she passed with flying colors. She’s a single mother of four kids and now she works full time with us and is going to school to go into human resources.”

These success stories prove that if you set a goal and really focus yourself on your ambitions, you can accomplish anything.

“Right now I’m studying engineering technology. Hopefully, once I get this done, I can further my studies to mechanical engineer,” added Pickett.

He adds that he is grateful for what SKYCTC was able to offer in order to help him further his education and his career with the SKILLS U classes.

Pickett says, “I’m kind of glad I came here to get the basics.”

“The big thing that we do-- is the GED program, for sure. A majority of our time and resources go to those students that are looking to better themselves and further their education. You know, whatever their circumstances were growing up, doesn’t matter to us-- we’re happy to help them whatever way we can. We also do assist with the college program as well,” said Beatty.

According to Beatty, sometimes students will begin in one path then go into another.

“If they need those extra resources outside of here, we do have a lot of partnerships here in town that help out with them and we reach out to them, and we all just work together to get them to reach those goals.”

“If they’re interested in or getting into getting their GED, and they have enrolled in the program, and they’re actively working with us come into class, either working with me or another office staff member is absolutely no cost to them,” adds Beatty.

For information on the Skills U classes, click here.

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