Glasgow park bathroom vandalized, likely part of viral Tik Tok challenge

Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 9:58 PM CDT
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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) - Vandals have again targeted a park in Glasgow. The suspects destroyed property in the bathrooms at Beaver Creek Park.

“For some reason this year we’ve had more vandalism than we’ve had in the past,” Glasgow Parks and Director Eddie Furlong said.

Thursday morning, parks employees discovered doors torn off the stalls of bathrooms, a soap dispenser off a wall, along with other damages to the property.

The parks’ director said this is likely because of a viral Tik Tok challenge. “We know that it’s coming from that, and then it’s just people that are bored,” he said.

It has happened in Louisville and other parts of the state. Our sister station Wave 3 News reports that teenagers are going into bathrooms of schools and removing or destroying property inside. They then post a video on the social media app.

“We have several people that just don’t like to respect things,” Furlong said.

Especially over the last year or so, the Glasgow Parks’ Department has completed several upgrades, from putting in new playground equipment to landscaping, even putting in new basketball courts.

“We try to provide nice facilities for our public to use their most of them are free of charge,” Furlong said.

Glasgow Parks and Rec also offers several programs, especially for kids, “currently at this time of the year, we have soccer going on for the kids,” Furlong said. They are also advertising for their youth tennis clinic coming up on October 16.

As the department invests a lot into the well-being of the community, it makes it more difficult to understand why someone would commit such a costly act.

We have been looking into cameras over the last couple of years, cost is always the biggest factor for us,” Furlong explained. “The annual cost is about $75,000, and that’s pretty significant, especially for our budget. "

To prevent more vandals from committing crimes in the future, the Glasgow Police department will continue to increase patrols in the area. The parks will now close at night.

“Effective today (Thursday) we will be starting locking the park gates,” Major Terry Flatt with the Glasgow Police Department said.

The park will close from 10 at night to seven in the morning.

“Obviously we would love to leave the parks open later at night,” Major Flatt said.

It is not something the Parks or Police Department wants to do, but after several cases of vandalism this year they feel it’s necessary.

“If you happen to be in one of our parks and you see some damage taking place, you know, please call the police department, they’ll be more than happy to come out here and catch those guys or girls,” Furlong Stated. “So, any help that we can get from the public would be greatly appreciated.”

The bathrooms at Beaver Creek Park will be closed for a few days as repairs are being made.

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