Hughes & Coleman Hometown Heroes: The Scruggs Family

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 4:42 AM CDT
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AUBURN, Ky. (WBKO) - This week’s Hometown Hero is brought to you by Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers.

We oftentimes hear of one hometown hero giving back to the community, but one family has impacted the Auburn community with their servant’s hearts.

Tyler Scruggs, son of Sheila and Jimbo spoke on being a firefighter with his parents and his brother, “it’s kind of turned into a family. Almost unscheduled family event.”

The Scruggs family in Auburn is being praised for its servant heart serving the community in the line of duty as firefighters.

“We have a firefighting, volunteer firefighting and, emergency, medical emergency family that we’re really proud of,” says Coren Estes, father of Sheila Scruggs.

Her brother Richard Estes is very proud, “it is a calling just as much as it is to be a minister or a nurse or a doctor, or a police officer because it does take such dedication to receive the training and to volunteer. And also it’s a big investment because they have to buy their own turnout gear and all their own equipment. So it’s a very big commitment on their part.”

In a commitment to help in the most dire of situations, Sheila Scruggs says she is proud to be able to serve alongside her husband Jimbo, and her two sons Adam and Tyler.

“And I’m very proud that we are on it as a family because all the kids have already done different things in their life. But this is the one thing that we’ve always done as a family. And I think that’s just, that’s just, you know, speaks volumes. And it really warms my heart,” says Sheila.

“What a comfort it is for those that need them to be able to call on people and have people respond in their time of need, and provide what they need,” adds Richard Estes.

The giving back time and effort into the community does not stop there, Sheila’s daughter’s in-law also help tremendously.

“There’s been many holidays where half the table runs out of the house to go do something to help somebody else. And it is I mean, it’s just what we were taught how to be growing up,” says Paxton Scruggs, Sheila’s other daughter-in-law.

“I work for Hosparus health out of Bowling Green on the team nurse for Logan and Butler County’s the primary nurse for hospice patients who are under our services, and just care for them and their families at the end of life. So I may not be the emergency services, but I’m still out in the community serving right along with the rest of the family just in a different matter, and it’s interesting, sometimes we run into each other in our jobs,” says Kayla Scruggs.

The rest of the family is proud of the Scruggs.

“I’m thankful that my family have been obedient to God, and are doing what they feel like is important for our community, for the people, and the community,” says Coren Estes.

Adam Scruggs, Sheila’s son adds, I’m proud to say that we always respond to that call, no matter how inconvenient it is.

Currently, Easton Scruggs, Sheila’s youngest grandson is battling cancer, there will be a gospel benefit concert, on November 6th. For more information, click here.

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