Sex abuse case against former Franklin PD Captain dismissed

Published: Oct. 25, 2021 at 6:11 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - “It started in 2019, the allegation though was from 2015,” said Alan Simpson, Larry Schultz’ Attorney.

The case alleging former Franklin Police Captain Larry Schultz of sexual abuse has been dismissed following a two year long battle.

“If they would have proceeded to trial, I would hope that a jury would have acquitted Mr. Schultz, but under these circumstances, we don’t have to face that. And I advised Mr. Schultz that any dismissal is a good dismissal. So, at the appropriate time, we’ll be able to expunge this off of his record,” Simpson said.

Schultz was indicted in 2019 by a grand jury that heard evidence alleging that abuse had taken place four years earlier.

“We battled this case for the last couple of years and ultimately it was set for trial,” said Simpson.

The case began after the alleged victim took a urine sample for a urinary tract infection at her pediatrician’s office which found traces of semen and DNA linked to Schultz.

“There was a sample taken at Graves Gilbert Clinic, at the Pediatrician’s office and of course when they saw that, they assumed the worst and so a lot of people assume the worst, but there was a logical explanation for how that happened,” Simpson said.

Schultz and the alleged victim’s mother were in a relationship during when the alleged abuse happened in 2015.

“When the mom tried to show her how to go in the cup, the little boy who was also in the bathroom, you’ve got a frazzled mom in the bathroom with two or three kids, the little boy pushed the urine cup underneath the mom’s urine stream. That obviously contained the semen sample, which ultimately showed the DNA in the child’s urine,” Simpson said.

Other than the DNA found in the urine sample, Simpson says there was nothing else in the case that could be substantiated. The alleged victim never made claims of sexual abuse by Schultz.

“So, Mr. Schultz’ girlfriend gave a logical explanation and she didn’t want charges to be pressed because she knew what happened. There’s a common misconception, I have people come to me all the time and say, ‘Well, they’re going to go drop the charges.’ The state, or as in Kentucky we say the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is always the plaintiff in a criminal case,” Simpson said. “So, ultimately the state always presses charges and they seek input from victims, especially now with Marcy’s law even more so. There was no one that was pushing this so to speak on the alleged victim’s side.”

Simpson says the dismissal of the case has vindicated his client and Schultz can begin to restore his good name.

“The Commonwealth Attorney realized this young lady never made an allegation against Mr. Schultz. He felt like it was his ethical obligation to dismiss the case. I appreciate that and when a prosecutor realizes they have an issue like this, that’s what they’re supposed to do. So, I commend Mr. Morgan for maintaining the highest ethical standards.”

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