Tennesee Titans and The Dairy Alliance award $10,000 grant to Warren County Public Schools

Titans Award WCPS With $10,000 Hometown Grant
Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 11:31 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Two days after upsetting the Kansas City Chiefs 27-3, the Tennessee Titans teamed up with The Dairy Alliance to award WCPS with the Titans’ Hometown Grant of $10,000 at Henry F. Moss Middle School Tuesday.

The grant is the first one given to a Kentucky school district and will be used to promote healthy eating and physical activity at three Warren County middle schools.

“It’s so exciting to know that they looked at our application and found what we’re doing with our students worthy of their time and the funds to be able to help kids learn about physical education and nutrition,” said Director of Warren County Schools Nutrition and Dining Kelly Holt.

The Titans held an event to motivate the kids to be active and eat healthy, holding games such as nutrition trivia, stacking apples, and jumping rope. Olympic Fencing Gold Medalist Lee Kiefer and former Titan Gerald Mcrath made an appearance.

“I’ve never seen kids this excited. I was not expecting the energy that they had.” Said Kiefer. “Just to see the kids smile and be excited, was a great feeling for me,” said Mcrath.

$2,000 of the $10,000 grant will go to each middle school, Drakes Creek, Henry F. Moss, and South Warren Middle School for PE equipment. The other $4,000 with go to Smoothie Bikes.

“Bikes that make fruit and vegetable smoothies. And it’s going to be a fun way for kids to learn about eating breakfast and the importance of dairy in their diet,” said Holt.

Smoothie Bikes for WCPS
Smoothie Bikes for WCPS(Brett Alper)

Any school can participate in Fuel Up to Play 60 without receiving a grant. For more information visit www.Fueluptoplay60.com.

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