Dueña de mi Futuro program aims to inspire Latinas by exploring different career paths

Dueña de mi Futuro program aims to inspire Latinas by exploring different career paths
Published: Nov. 7, 2021 at 9:05 AM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - An enrichment program in Warren County is aiming to inspire Latinas in grades 6-12 by working with them to explore different career paths, bringing in different speakers.

Dueña de mi Futuro or Owner of my Future was a program designed by the non-profit For a Real Change alongside the Hispanic Organization for the Promotion of Education (H.O.P.E), WKU, and Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College.

The program took place at WKU on four consecutive Saturdays, the lessons began with a topic and a speaker, and later did career exploratory activities.

One of the girls in the program, Sabrina Buret, a 13-year-old spoke on signing up for it and what she learned.

“I think it’s a great opportunity because I learned a lot of college careers that I didn’t know about in jobs that I can do when I’m older, or when I graduate. It’s been a great opportunity too because it helped me a lot with school too, and it also encouraged me to do better and get good grades,” says Sabrina.

Julia Rivas who helped coordinate the program also spoke on having similar programs like this one to showcase that representation is important.

“When you have a teacher that looks like a student, you know that the students are more likely to graduate not only high school but also continue into higher education. So, it having, professionals represent, a representation of, of what our country is today. It’s super important,” says Rivas.

For more information on the program, click here.

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