View From the Hill: WKU students get practical experience through a project focused on medication safety in rural areas

View From the Hill: "Let's Chat Meds" Designed to Improve Quality of Life
Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 7:21 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - WKU students are getting practical experience with educating older adults about the medication they’re taking.

Taking multiple medications can be confusing and even dangerous. The goal of ‘Let’s Chat Meds’ is to improve the quality of life for rural Kentuckians.

“It’s so sad that so many adverse drug effects and hospitalizations is due to people not taking their medications as prescribed,” said Dr. Susan Jones the projects director and Professor Emeriti.

For about four hours this week in downtown Franklin, residents fifty years and older had a chance to review their medications.

“We have nurse practitioners and pharmacists that are discussing the meds with the individuals that come, Jones Said, “It’s definitely a good experience to get the students involved in the community.”

The Rural Elder Awareness of Medication Safety project is aimed at improving health literacy.

“A lot of them like to get their blood pressure read because most don’t take that every day,” said Abigail Steinmetz, a senior nursing student.

Laura Kitchen said went because she wanted to make sure she had a clear understanding of the medicine she is taking. “I learned that one of my medicines also contains Tylenol so I need to be careful about how much Tylenol I take because it’s secreted through the kidneys and could cause damage. "

A follow-up to the awareness event is planned for November 30th at the same location.

“We want to know from the participant’s perspective, from the elderly perspective was it beneficial, was it helpful?”

WKU hopes to bring this type of grant-funded initiative to other rural communities. Learn more at

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