Former students, staff take one last walk through the ‘old’ BGHS building before Dec. 17th closing

Former Students, Staff Take One Last Walk Through OLD BGHS Before December 17th Closing
Published: Dec. 5, 2021 at 6:18 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Saturday morning marked the end of an era for many former students and staff at Bowling Green High School. The current building was built in 1970 and its closing will mark the beginning of the last phase of construction.

“The last time I was in here was May of 1982,” said Len Sears, a former student, “When we were here, they were open classrooms. So you could hear everything going on and the other classes, so it’s really different. The library is a completely different area, and it’s closed in the library was very open, when it was there. So you know, it’s a very different experience to be here and to see it some of its same”.

Marisa Williams and Hailey Newcomer, whose friendship started at BGHS were also present during the walkthrough and spoke about what seeing it now was like for them. “So we met on the first day of high school back in 2010,” said Williams “And it was beginning reporting because we just needed an elective, and we got picked pairs by the teacher, and she’s literally sitting behind me.”

“It was a special day and just to go be able to go through one last time be able to see the halls,” said Teianka Gatewood.

Gatewood is also a former student who graduated in the early 2000s. He spoke about the friendships He made during her time as a BGHS Purple and their impacts. “It’s just a certain feeling that only you understand if you came here. It’s just It’s crazy, like how tight-knit family we all are,” she said, “No matter what year you graduate, you’re automatically family”.

For Patsy Sloan, a former social studies teacher, just being able to see her former classroom again brought back memories. “I spent 31 years here, retired in 2001,” she said, “I have an awful lot of very fond memories of those years. Of all the hundreds, even 1000s of students that pass through my classroom. And I have to admit, when I walked into my classroom a few minutes ago, I got a little tear in my eye”.

Construction for the new building has already been completed in some parts of the school. The first phase of the new building was done in August of 2020 and features new classrooms, science labs, a music suite, and several study areas. The first part of the second phase was completed in October of this year. It features a new pool and Auxillary Gym.

“The almost luxury that these kids have, and then they’re being taught,” said Sears “It’s like, kind of hope they appreciate it. Because you know, ours was nothing like that and what they have access to. It’s pretty, pretty impressive.”

As the students and staff walked through the building, signs were posted all throughout the significant areas with information on what they were used for.

“Just just thinking back. I can remember just the daily routine of just where my locker was who I hung around at that time’ said Gatewood, “Just all the how all the clown in sessions we would do, the hearing the teachers rushing us to class.”

The remaining part of the old building will close on December 17th.

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