WKU staff member and husband recall surviving the tornado

WKU Staff Member Loses Home to Tornado in Bowling Green
Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 7:17 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - One staff member at WKU is now picking up remnants of memories of her home.

Angie Link and her husband Leon Link are now homeless as a result of the catastrophic tornado.

Link recalled the terrifying moments of a tornado ripping through her neighborhood in Bowling Green.

“And then literally, it all happened. It just all came crashing down and my husband is was right here in this living room when it happened and he’s running down the hallway screaming Jesus, Jesus, and I’m in the bathroom screaming Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” recalls Link.

She remembers what she did, “and I was crouched down just like this praying and screaming and crying and calling on Jesus this is what saved my life, Jesus saved my life... he yeah, this is what saved my life,” she says as she crouches in the bathroom.

Link says the day started off like any other, “I would have never imagined coming home from work on that Friday night and then a few hours later being homeless.”

Her husband Leon was also home at the time but had not yet taken shelter.

“Once the pressure hit, it was just like an explosion of glass and bricks were just flying everywhere. And I was about right here where this black trash bag was that when all that happened, and from that point, I just made a mad dash down the hallway,” says her husband as he shows where he was at the minute the tornado began ravaging through.

Once everything settled, “I told my wife I said you know, the house is literally gone,” remembered Leon.

Angie’s coworkers at WKU lent a helping hand once they heard the news.

And so we started an initiative initially to get her some moving supplies, you know, packing supplies and monetary donations, and it’s evolved, you know, since now she needs personal items and clothing items. We’re here for you. We love you. We support you,” says Lamario Moore, the associate coordinator of the Intercultural Student Engagement Center.

Angie and Leon say they’re just grateful to have survived the tornado.

“I’m just so appreciative Bowling Green has rallied behind us. Our office ISEC, Intercultural Student Engagement Center has rallied, you know, behind me, my husband myself, the community we’re just so thankful we’re just so grateful. And again, I cannot think Jesus enough that I’m here telling you about this,” said Angie Link.

The Link’s have been living at that home since 1993, they plan on rebuilding.

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