COVID Protocols remain the same for WKU’s Spring Semester

COVID protocols remain the same for the spring semester at WKU
Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 7:21 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Class is back in session on the Hill, which marks the fourth semester in-person that requires masks indoors.

WKU officials say they are doing their best to make decisions with their students and staff in mind.

“We found through our two-year experience here, that wearing a mask and the indoor spaces do, can prevent that spread of the of the COVID virus,” says David Oliver, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, and WKU’s Emergency Manager.

Oliver said over this two-year period, WKU has not seen any cases directly tied back to a classroom or lab.

“I think our faculty and staff and students have done an exceptional job over the two years of following the guidance, said Oliver. “For the most part, we’ve been successful with our case management process. And I think that will continue.”

Oliver said they look at other universities, like the University of Kentucky, and how they respond to new COVID protocols and variants.

“They did see, you know, the spikes, but they dropped off quicker, you know, with with the cases,” said Oliver. “And what we saw in September with Delta, is we had about a two to two-and-a-half week, you know, spike, and then it dropped back to a pretty much a plateau for the rest of the semester. We feel that’s what will happen here.”

Professors at the university are going above and beyond to make students feel safe returning in person.

“In every class, I teach, there’s a zoom option because again, going back to what we know about this latest virus, what we know about Omicron you a lot of people may have symptoms of common cold sniffles, diseases, the scratchy throat, maybe a dry cough, things that we would normally just plow right through,” said Ken Payne, Associate Professor, Department of Communication.

Payne offers his students an N-95 mask when going into his classes.

“My goal this semester, is to inform students again, about the face masks they’re wearing,” explained Payne. “The cloth face mask came into vogue. Everybody was wearing a cloth face mask and that was great. But it seems that this Omicron variant is even more contagious than the ones before it. So maybe we ought to think or rethink what we’re wearing. That’s where I educated myself on the N-95 masks.”

Payne says educating his students to wear an N-95 mask is one thing he’s contributing to keeping campus safe.

If you have a question about WKU’s COVID Protocols, you can call their COVID hotline at 270-745-2019.

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