Half of Med Center Health’s Covid patients vaccinated, ‘majority’ treated for specifically Covid

Half of Med Center Health’s Covid patients vaccinated, ‘majority’ treated for specifically Covid
Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 4:07 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Covid hospitalizations in the southcentral Kentucky area remain high. As of Tuesday morning, Med Center Health reported 85 COVID-19 hospitalizations, 49 percent of these are unvaccinated.

“That concerns all of us in health care,” said Dennis Chaney, Vice President, Ancillary Services at Med Center Health.

As only half of the Covid patients at Med Center Health are unvaccinated, WBKO News asked the medical facility if its patients were being treated for Covid or just happen to be in the hospital for something else and tested positive. Officials say a majority are actually there due to Covid.

“A majority of those folks are here due to presenting either to a doctor’s office or to our emergency room or urgent care somewhere with symptoms related to COVID illness being tested, testing positive and then meeting the criteria for inpatient admission,” said Chaney.

When asked what ‘a majority’ meant, officials could not provide specific details on those numbers.

“I don’t have a percent based on that. We do have those, those few, if you will, that are here who are here for something else, and then start to develop symptoms, and being tested and testing positive. But the main thing is, is that the majority of the folks are here due to COVID-related illness,” explained Chaney.

This is not the case in some areas like Nashville. According to Nashville’s ABC affiliate, about half of the people hospitalized with Covid are not there for covid. This is likely because everybody that goes into the hospital is being tested, the article states. And in New York, data shows 51 percent of people in the hospital with Covid were admitted for something else.

Though 85 patients at Med Center Health as of Monday is a large number, that’s also a major trim from the day before, when the facility reported 97 Covid inpatients.

“We do have a portion of the folks inpatient... who have some mild illness, and whose length of stay, we expect to not be nearly as great as some of the folks who have severe illness. So hopefully, we can turn over the beds,” said Chaney. “We do have folks that are hospitalized with mild illness and that’s a good thing. And so their length of stay is not near as long as someone who has some underlying chronic health conditions potentially who are vaccinated.”

The Covid hospital numbers we are seeing today are still steady with numbers compared to months ago.

“During the Delta surge for our Med Center Bowling Green Campus, we had a high census on September 11 of 84 patients. So we’re pretty neck and neck because today is our highest census for the Omicron surge,” said Chaney.

Still, health officials continue to send a consistent message stemming from a year ago -- getting vaccinated is your best option for staying out of the hospital.

“It really helps to prevent illness and severity of illness,” said Chaney.

Med Center Health says they are still utilizing help from the National Guard which began back in late August of 2021. The hospital says members are assisting with staffing issues due to illness.

You can get vaccinated or boosted at the Med Center’s Health and Sciences Complex. Walk-ins are welcome at the clinic open Monday through Friday, 8 am-4 pm.

Meanwhile, TJ Samson Regional Health reported 22 COVID patients, six unvaccinated as of Monday.

Of the 22 inpatients, 6 are vaccinated.

Posted by T.J. Regional Health on Monday, January 24, 2022
COVID hospital capacity remains high, as half the patients hospitalized are unvaccinated at Med Center Health

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