BG man lost dream home to tornado, has more questions than answers after being denied federal assistance

BG Man Wants Answers After Losing Home to Tornado and Being Denied Assistance
Published: Jan. 26, 2022 at 7:30 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Gentian Emini, owner of G&B Construction was building the house of his dreams, one that was almost finished, as he and his family were getting ready to move into it, a tragic tornado ravaged through the Creekwood subdivision last December, that tornado destroyed Emini’s new home.

“I applied first time with FEMA, and I’ve been rejected. Because I didn’t live in the house. They told me how to be doing an appeal to prove that I really wanted to live in the house, which I did, because the house is already built, and I explained everything and all that this and that. They told me, they denied me the appeal. Then they told me to go with an SBA loan, which I told them, I don’t have a credit history because I never took a loan in my life,” says Emini about the process of getting assistance.

A process he says just keeps going around in circles, leaving him with more questions than answers.

“SBA denied me. So I went back to FEMA, and FEMA for the third time, they have denied me. They denied my vehicle, and they told me to go get an estimate. So and for that car, they’ve denied me and they’re doing, do an appeal, do this, and I’ve done all of it,” adds Emini.

The house Emini was building for his family had time and more than anything thousands of dollars invested in it.

“Probably I had more than $150,000 because I had a lot of stuff that I use the for customers homes and stuff like that I had vanities, appliances and stuff like that, I used this as storage till I moved in. All that right there was just like, disappeared and gone,” explained Emini.

Tauheedah Mateen with the U.S. Small Business Administration says every case is unique but it is not uncommon for someone to be denied an SBA Loan.

“The first type of denials, you are going to receive maybe a credit denial, or a repayment ability denials,” says Mateen.

She says it is important to have another set of eyes go through your application.

“I always encourage people to go into a DRC go into a BRC business recovery center or disaster recovery center to speak with someone so they can go in-depth with to with your application. Because you may have made a simple mistake with your income that shows that you did not have the repayment ability to repay the SBA loan.

When asked what his plans are on rebuilding, Emini says “building with what? That’s a big question. I had people laid off work that used to work with me, because I cannot even go back to work, go to work with what I lost most of my tools, most of my tools used to be in the garage.”

As Emini continues on the journey of trying to get assistance his main sentiment is frustration.

“Go find me one single story that somebody got help. Don’t bring me a story that somebody got $1500 bucks from an apartment. Find me a real story that somebody got $10,000 and more from FEMA,” expressed Emini.

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