‘I just don’t want to feel unsafe’ - couple flees Florida amid ‘Don’t Say Gay’

Florida Congresswoman fights to pass the Equality Act amid slew of restrictive bills
‘I just don’t want to feel unsafe’ - couple flees Florida amid ‘Don’t Say Gay’
‘I just don’t want to feel unsafe’ - couple flees Florida amid ‘Don’t Say Gay’
Published: May. 4, 2022 at 10:16 AM CDT
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JACKSONVILLE, FL (Gray DC) - When Becky Richmond and her wife moved to Florida in 2017 - they were hopeful about their future.

“We moved here for the same reason a lot of people move here,’ said Richmond. “It’s warm, cheaper cost of living, it’s beautiful. But there’s also a huge, huge LGBTQ+ community. And it’s one of the things that we love most about it is that presence here.”

But that warm welcome has worn off.

“Unfortunately there is legislation that’s targeting trans kids, LGBTQ families, and we don’t want that for our children,” said Richmond, “We don’t want that for us.”

Becky says she and her wife plan on moving out of Florida this summer.

“I know that it’s better elsewhere, and I know that I don’t necessarily have to fight, but I want to. But also, I just I don’t want to feel unsafe,” said Richmond.

Here in Washington, Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL) is fighting to keep families like Becky’s in the sunshine state- but knows it’s an uphill battle.

“In Florida we do not have a human rights law, an equality act that bars discrimination’ said Castor.

That’s why castor co-sponsored the Equality Act that passed the house last year.

It protects people from discrimination based off sex, sexual orientation, gender identity in employment, housing, education and federally funded programs. But not everyone is on board.

“You don’t need to protect the rights of some by eliminating the rights of others - and that’s precisely what the equality act does” said Sarah Perry.

Perry, of the Heritage Foundation believes the bill would make those with traditional views of marriage acquiesce to the changing times.

The bill has yet to move in the senate - Perry says it likely has to do with the upcoming midterms.

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