Members of local Mexican community celebrate culture with BG ‘Fiestaval’

'BG Fiestaval' Takes Place over Weekend; Includes food, music, and dance
Published: May. 8, 2022 at 6:05 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - This past weekend members of the Mexican community came together to put on their annual “BG Fiestaval”.

The event offers traditional food, entertainment, and dances as well as a chance for people to come together and learn something new about a culture other than their own.

″One of the reasons we like this event a lot is because people get to see what authentic Mexican food is,” Eva Parra, one of the food vendors for the fiestaval said. “People get to see what our culture is a little bit more. And everybody knows we like to party. But this is one of the events that is non-alcoholic, so people will see that it’s more family-oriented, that it’s not just a big party, it’s about showing people our culture, seeing the kids dance.”

For the event’s coordinator, Anita Parra, being able to do an event like the fiestaval year after year means a lot because it shows the community is accepting and wants to learn, as well as gives the youth a chance to learn about and honor their heritage.

“That makes us very happy, and it’s a moment to give back to the community, so it adds that to it,” she said.

Anita Parra also added that if you visit and have any questions about their culture, all you need to do is ask.

“There’s a lot of things stereotypical things about Hispanics that might not be correct, but the best thing that you could always do is just ask questions, and ask them politely,” she said.

The fiestaval wasn’t the only celebration happening on Sunday as many were also celebrating their moms too.

“American Hispanics, we celebrate Mother’s Day twice. There was a Mexican Mother’s Day and we tend to celebrate it a week before our American Mother’s Day. So, Hispanic mothers demand two presents ... that’s something unique that we have as well,” Anita Parra said.

“I love my mom and it doesn’t go a day and I don’t talk to her or text or something,” Eva Parra said.

The fiestaval is held every year in the months of May and September.

“Every year it keeps growing and growing,” Anita Parra said. “We’re very thankful for everybody who shows up wanting to learn a little bit more about our culture because this event has moved on from being just a local block party to something bigger.”

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