James Webster brings passion to Tops’ softball as the “ultimate” hype man

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 11:43 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - If you look close enough in the sea of red towels in the stands at WKU Softball Field, one sticks out loudly and proudly.

James Webster drives over 350 miles round trip to watch his daughter, TJ Webster - a junior who plays at shortstop for the Tops.

“I was the hype man everywhere we went. I was the hype dad. I brought the energy everywhere, so why not bring it to Hilltop?” James said. “These moments are precious. You don’t want to miss them.”

Indeed, he hasn’t missed a beat. James will lead the crowd at times, coming down to the lower level of the bleachers, waving a red towel as excitedly as he can. He’ll lead multiple chants with the fans who also get energized.

“He might be the ultimate hype man. I mean, he is genuine. He brings energy and you know what he does is he gets other people excited as well,” WKU Athletic Director Todd Stewart said about James.

Of course, the excitement centers around his favorite player.

“He’s my rock and my soul. I love him to death and he loved everybody else. And so I know he’s not just for one person. He’s for everybody,” T.J. said about her dad.

James first caught the spotlight during WKU’s 2021 NCAA Regional Tournament run in Athens, Georgia. He caught the attention of enough Hilltopper fans before becoming a fixture in Bowling Green.

“He doesn’t care what anybody thinks. He just wants to go out there and let everybody know like, we can do it. And so I think it just makes everybody else like want to rally behind us and cheer loud,” T.J. said.

All of which helps keep the Webster connection alive and well.

“We have a great understanding of each other. We understand the game. We know when it’s time to be emotional. You will look at her and she’ll put that face on of steel,” James said.

The rest of her teammates will wear those steel faces as they gear up for another hopeful NCAA Tournament run.

“He has played a huge role in creating a huge home-field advantage for us. It really permeates our entire program,” Stewart said.

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