Med Center Woman’s Health Services Director gives advice on finding baby formula during shortage

How to respond to the baby formula shortage
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 6:56 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - With many stores currently low or out of stock, some moms have turned to other means of providing baby formula for their children.

“We first learned of this shortage, probably several months back that we might see a decrease in supply with formula,” said Med Center’s Director of Woman’s Health Services, Kim Dethridge. “We started to plan ahead here at the hospital, we just wanted to make sure our parents had all the information they needed.”

Recently, there have also been videos popping up on social media with recipes for moms to create their own formulas, many of which lack the nutrition that is needed for a young infant or child, according to Dethridge.

“There are safety concerns with that a lot of those homemade recipes, especially from the 1960s, they don’t have a lot of the nutrients that we have developed in the formula here in recent time,” Dethridge said.

As for possible alternatives, Dethridge said cow’s milk could be an option for children who are six months or older.

“Before six months, you do not want to consider trying to feed your infant cow’s milk because you can run into issues with anemia with your baby,” Dethridge said. “So after six months, you need to discuss with your pediatrician how you might be able to transition that cow’s milk into your infant’s diet.”

Dethridge also recommends against watering down any formula you do have.

“A lot of parents have asked if it’s okay to stretch out the powder by just watering it down a little bit more, and that’s not really a good method to conserve your formula, because what you’re doing is you’re just stretching out those nutrients that that baby needs,” she said.

If you are having trouble finding what you need, you can go online, but be sure to plan ahead and factor in the time it could take to ship.

“Also just think outside of the box. If you’re on a particular brand that you’ve used, you have been familiar with that maybe with your other kids, you may need to consider a different brand, and it’s okay to switch you just need to be cautious with that,” she said.

Dethridge adds if you do plan on shopping online for formula to be sure that you check that it is FDA approved.

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