To Love and to Hold: Couple marries at Med Center after mother in law is admitted to hospital

Couple has wedding at Med Center due to hospitalized family member
Published: May. 25, 2022 at 9:21 PM CDT
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ALVATON, Ky. (WBKO) - Melanie Burns had been waiting for the day when her son Charlie and his girlfriend Brittany would get to walk down the aisle and be joined in matrimony.

She’s been battling cancer since 2018, and a recent visit to the doctor made Charlie and Brittany re-think their plans and speed things up.

“We did make it to the venue and I started getting worse and worse with my breathing, we had to call 911, [they] took me to the hospital, and there was no releasing, so I did not get to attend the wedding for Saturday and was very anxious and upset about the ordeal,” said Melanie Burns, Brittany’s mother-in-law.

Soon after the couple decided that instead of bringing mom to the wedding, they would bring the wedding to the Medical Center.

“Brittany came fully dressed in her wedding gown on, our son came in his suit, and they drove in separate cars, so they didn’t see each other to do that the way it was supposed to be done. The nurses and everything there, they went out of their way to hurry and get flowers together,” said Melanie.

“Just to be able to give this positivity to my mother-in-law and thank her for all that she’s done for us,” said Brittany Burns, the bride.

“I know she had been looking forward to this for a while there’s no way she wasn’t going to be a part of that,” said Charlie Burns, the groom.

And in sickness and in health, Charlie and Brittany were able to share their special day with the pillar of the family.

“It was wonderful, I mean, literally, there was no negativity all the nurses were positive and they hate like, had three or four bouquets waiting for me and came up with a way for me to walk around and said he wouldn’t see me and it was beautiful,” said Brittany.

Promising to love and support one another.

“So the wedding was let’s get away from all this negativity that mom is dealing with and let’s turn it into a positive and I really appreciate it, all that and that’s what I was looking forward to,” said Melanie.

“Grateful that we’re all still in it together and just couldn’t ask for anything else. Family is, it’s important to all of us,” said Brittany.

Brittany and Charlie are grateful for all the support from the nurses and staff at the Medical Center who made their wedding super special, and Harvest Heights Orchard & Vineyard.

The Burns family also adds that Melanie wants to donate her body to science.

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