Community gathers to say final goodbye to former state representative Wilson Stone

Bowling Green community remembers Wilson Stone
Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 9:52 PM CDT
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SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) - One of the most prominent figures in Kentucky politics and a lifelong advocate of education, Wilson Stone died on Friday, June 17th.

On Wednesday, family and community members gathered at the Scottsville Church of Christ to pay their respects and say their goodbyes.

“All school children in Kentucky are better off because Wilson Stone lived and served,” says Jody Richards, a former state representative who worked alongside Wilson Stone in the state legislature in Frankfort.

“His goal was to help and make other people be better people, and he was great at that,” recalls Dr. Gordon Jones, one of Stone’s closest friends, professor, and mentor.

“When he served here, and when he graduated, he’s been a servant ever since, he died as a servant,” also says current State Representative of the 22nd District, Shawn McPherson, who followed Stone after he decided he would not seek re-election.

Stone served as a State Representative for the 22nd District for twelve years, but his legacy goes beyond his achievements in politics.

“Wilson has been very valuable to me and giving me advice from time to time because he’s such a sound thinker, and is so knowledgeable about so many topics, but particularly knowledgeable about all of agriculture,” adds Dr. Jones.

“14 years ago, Wilson and I, it was an open seat, and Wilson and I ran against each other. We sat down in this very building and had a conversation that our running a race would not affect this congregation. When he retired, I ran and nothing, no decision ever made here has been made that we didn’t agree on,” recalled state rep. McPherson.

One of his closest friends and mentors says the memories with Stone are some he treasures the most.

“Wilson stone has had a great political career. But more importantly, Wilson is just, a simply a great human being and I distinctly remember that Wilson was always more than willing to assist any student in any way possible,” also says Dr. Jones.

Others say what made Stone stand out was his ability to not let political affiliation get in the way of his ability to not only be a friend but also a leader.

“He was one of those folks that could work with both sides for the betterment of the state. And I think that’s so important, and sometimes that gets lost, and that he always was trying to promote this part of the state and, and promote education all across the state,” added former state representative, Jody Richards.

Stone was a lifelong public education advocate, serving as chairman of the Allen County School Board for more than two decades.

“He’s just been such a pleasure to be a friend for all these years. But I particularly remember how influential, influential he was when he was serving as a faculty member at the university,” said Dr. Jones.

“It was fun to kind of work together and strategize and plan, to get it done. And we were successful, some and not successful other times, but it was, it was always fun to work with him because you knew you could depend on his word,” says Richards.

After a long health battle, Stone died on June 17th.

His friends and colleagues continue to remember the man who dedicated his life to serving his community.

“Thanks for the memories. Thanks for what you have done for this community and for the Commonwealth,” also says Richards.

“Look down on us, we’re so blessed to have you. We appreciate all you’ve done for us, we will try to carry on the legacy,” added McPherson.

Stone is survived by his wife of 41 years, Lanna Jo, and his daughter Catherine.

Stone was presided in death by his daughter Elizabeth.

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