60-year-old billboard in Cave City no longer standing

Billboard in Cave City destroyed
Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 6:05 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - After more than 60 years, a memorable billboard in Cave City is currently on the ground.

”We are just a small mom and pops business. Unfortunately, we don’t have the revenues to go and buy billboards on 65 to advertise for that, so any billboard we have is critical,” said Scott Sendtko, Co-owner of Crystal Onyx Cave.

The owners of Crystal Onyx Cave claim it was cut down by someone on purpose.

“We got a call Saturday afternoon that a billboard was laying down on a road,” Sendtko said. “I drove on over there and found that somebody took a chainsaw and cut down the billboard. I talked to some of the neighbors, and at around eight o’clock or so Saturday morning, a couple pickup trucks with some men got out and cut it down.”

Sendtko and his wife have owned Crystal Onyx Cave since 2010, but not the land that the billboard is on.

“This is very frustrating,” he said. “Just the way this land was purchased. The cave was found in 1960, ran all the way up to 2009 when it was closed down and sold to Bluegrass Cellular. In 2010, I purchased this property, but I did not purchase the property that had that billboard, but the billboard was still there and we were allowed to use it.”

He said this billboard brings in a lot of their revenue and gives directions to find the cave. The owners are devastated that there may be nothing they can do to get the billboard put back up.

”There is a pretty good chance that what he did was irreversible,” said Sendtko. “We may not be able to get that billboard back up. Just the way that the land did exchange hands recently, I believe, I’m still researching that. The way some laws are, there’s a good chance that billboard may not be able to be put back up.”

They are hoping to find a solution while also keeping up with the cave for families to enjoy.

“It just hurts. It’s like a kick in the gut that somebody would come over there and destroy a revenue generating billboard like that. I’m beside myself right now. I just can’t understand it,” he said.

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