Special Olympics medalists honored in Bowling Green

Two Special Olympic Gold Medalists celebrated in Bowling Green
Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 6:19 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Special Olympics medalists and Kentucky natives, Casey Freeman and Brianna Goode, were honored in Circus Square Park Monday afternoon.

“I was excited about today, I’m still kind of in disbelief as well,” Freeman said.

Both women received gold medals in doubles-division bowling, as well as several medals separately.

“It feels shocking, I still can’t get over the fact that I’m an Olympic gold medalist,” Freeman said. “I feel like I wake up every morning and there’s another room a newspaper that I’m in or another article on the Internet.”

“It makes me feel really good,” Freeman said. “I know hard work will pay off eventually.”

Freeman and Goode also each received a key to the city from Mayor Todd Alcott.

“We have a coin, and that coin represents the key to the city. It’s really presented for excellence,” Alcott said. “I was able to give Brianna and Casey both a coin to say thank you for your excellence, for what you showed, and what you did for our community.”

Training for the Olympics was non-stop with the help of special population coordinator and coach, Cameron Levis.

“Everything is year round for us, so we go from one sport to the next,” Levis said. “Specifically with bowling, normally our bowling season is August to December, but [Freeman] was training in the spring as well.”

While Freeman said her favorite thing about the Olympics was going to Disney, Goode said her’s was the comradery

“It was amazing just meeting other people that I can relate to and be friends with and have amazing teammates to play alongside with,” she said.

With both athletes back in the state, Levis says it’s back to work

“We’re going to keep keep trying to bring new programs to our community, we’re gonna try to keep bringing new facilities, and new opportunities to our community and just continuing to give these athletes and these individuals an opportunity to enjoy the same things that we do every day,” he said.

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